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Beautiful, long, luxurious lashes aren’t dependent on genetics or mascara anymore. Whether you’ve lost your lashes to a medical condition such as alopecia areata, or whether you simply want to make your existing lashes longer, fuller, and darker, Latisse™ can help. At VeinCare of Central North Carolina, Dr. Jane Smith is available for a consultation to determine if this prescription-only treatment is right for you. VeinCare, serving residents of Raleigh and surrounding areas, can be reached by phone or with its convenient online form.

Latisse Q & A

How can I have lusher, more beautiful eyelashes?

Mascara is messy and doesn’t add much length. False lashes can be heavy and awkward. If you’re ready to trade in or augment your unsatisfactory cosmetic solutions to stubby lashes, Latisse may be right for you.

Latisse is the first treatment to be approved by the FDA to grow your eyelashes. When dabbed along the upper eye’s lash line, this revolutionary prescription-only treatment safely causes your lashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker.

Latisse can grow eyelashes in patients who have eyelash hypotrichosis (fewer or shorter than average eyelashes). It also can regrow lashes that have fallen out due to medical procedures, such as chemotherapy, and conditions such as alopecia.

How does Latisse work?

Latisse is made with bimatoprost — a drug that promotes eyelash growth. When applied to the base of the upper eyelashes each night, Latisse accelerates their growth cycle phase. It may also stimulate the growth of new eyelashes.

After 8 to 16 weeks, your eyelashes will be noticeably longer, lusher, and perhaps darker, too. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually return to their normal length, number, color, and thickness.

Latisse may promote hair growth in other areas that it touches regularly, so be sure to limit applications to the eyelashes only and wipe off any spills or excess.

You can continue to apply mascara, false lashes, and other cosmetics while using Latisse to enhance your newly long and lush lashes.

Can everyone use Latisse?

Most people, including men, can use Latisse. You shouldn’t use Latisse if you are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant.

If you use contact lenses, you should take your contacts out before applying Latisse and not re-insert them for at least 15 minutes.

People with glaucoma or those who have other eye disorders or diseases may not be good candidates for Latisse. Dr. Jane Smith will help you determine whether you are a good candidate during your consultation. Latisse is available by prescription only.

How do I get started with Latisse?

At VeinCare of Central North Carolina, Dr. Jane Smith reviews your history and evaluates your eyes and eyelashes to ensure that you’re a good candidate for Latisse.

If she prescribes Latisse, one of the team members will give you a demonstration of the treatment. You then receive a prescription for Latisse, which you should apply to the upper eyelash line every night before bedtime.

You can fill the prescription at your preferred pharmacy. Alternatively, you can purchase Latisse at Dr. Jane Smith’s office for your convenience.

To make an appointment with Dr. Smith, call VeinCare of Central North Carolina today or use the convenient online form.